Steelers loss puts the Chiefs in a tie for top seed in AFC

The Chiefs and Steelers both sit at 11-1 and are currently in a tie for top seed in the AFC. Due to changes in the playoff structure this season the Steelers own the tie-breaker due to the Chiefs losing a conference game to the Raiders.

The top seed is more important than ever this year with only one team receiving a first-round bye. In order for the Chiefs to secure the over-all top seed we still need for the Steelers to lose another game. The Chiefs would also have to win out.


Snow Creek on track to open December 19th

Snow Creek Facebook

  • As of 12/11/2021 the opening date is TBD. The warm weather this week has delayed the original opening date.

Snow Creek has begun it’s snowmaking process and is on pace to open on December 19th. Tubing down Tornado Alley or hitting the slopes is a great way to spend a winter day in the Kansas City area. This year should be no different but there will be some changes to normal operations.

The park is working on a reservation only schedule this season. You’ll need to book in advance for your day-trip to the slopes. They will not be allowing any cash payments so be sure to plan accordingly.

Season pass holders will receive priority placement when it comes to reservations. They are currently having a sale on season passes that will end on Dec 6th. You can learn more and book your reservation on Snow Creek’s website here.

Video of the Chiefs defense Swag Surfing sums up their dominance

Swag Surf: When your swag reaches new levels and generates enough energy to create its own momentum and your body literally starts to move and function solely from swag.

I’ll admit, I had to look up the definition of Swag Surfing because I’m old. If the opposing team is doing this on the field, you know you’re screwed. lol

KU will allow about 1,500 fans at Allen Fieldhouse to start season

The University of Kansas has announced that it will allow about 1,500 fans to attend basketball games at Allen Fieldhouse to begin the season. Emails were sent to season ticket holders on Monday explaining the decision.

The Jayhawks first home game is scheduled for December 5th against North Dakota State.