Motorcycle helmet rules revised and property tax changes as MO ends legislative session

Missouri has ended it’s coronavirus embattled session and there are a few new bills headed to Governor Parson’s desk. The following are just a couple that stood out.

You may see a lot fewer motorcycle helmets on the roads thanks to House Bill 1963. This bill does not require drivers to wear a helmet if they are over 26 years of age and have their own health insurance. The bill also makes it easier for MO to get a Hyperloop system.

Some relief from potentially higher property taxes comes in the form of Senate Bill 676 which will force county appraisers to visit a property before raising the tax more than 15%. While still high it will help. This bill also keeps the state from taxing the federal stimulus money.

A few of the efforts that failed to pass this session involve creating a statewide prescription drug monitoring program and legalizing sports betting. Both of which should have been an easy pass in my book.