Looking for hand sanitizer? Head to the liquor store

After a few failed attempts to find hand sanitizer at my local grocery store I decided to call it quits and headed to the liquor store to pick up some libations for the evening. Then it happened… Standing before me was a whole shelf of the cherished hand sanitizer.

Good Spirits Distillery out of Olathe, KS is producing hand sanitizer and selling it all over the metro in local liquor stores. They sell it in 750 ml bottles and it was a very welcomed find.

While there I decided to buy some airplane bottles of bourbon which turned out to be a genius idea. After drinking the bourbon I rinsed the bottle and filled it with my precious. I now have a little bottle of hand sanitizer with me wherever I go.

It may look a tad odd to some and be a bit of an embarrassment to my kids when I whip out my little bottle of hand sanitizer that looks like booze but desperate times….

First responders and health care workers being thanked with special deals