Take the kids to a FREE Drive-In Movie tonight in Overland Park

If you’re still looking for something to do with the kids tonight, Mr. P’z Bar and Grill in Overland Park has got you covered. They are having a free double feature drive in night this evening. They are also offering a full slab of their delicious ribs and 2 sides for only $20.

The movies featured will be The Sandlot (8:30) and Top Gun (10:30). The movies can be listened to on your FM radio.

The movies will be projected onto a 26′ screen in their spacious parking lot located at 103rd and Mastin in Overland Park. They will have carhop service available and a full bar inside so bring your appetites.

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Aerial America: Kansas / Missouri full episodes

The Smithsonian Channel offers all the episodes of it’s hit show Aerial America on their YouTube channel. The show is full of breathtaking aerial views of each state along with some history thrown in for good measure.

The Kansas episode aired in 2012 and Missouri aired in 2015. The show is made up solely of aerial views using a camera mounted to the front of a helicopter.

In the videos you can enjoy some great shots of our nations beautiful national parks and most historical locations. You can find all of the episodes on the Smithsonian Channels YouTube Channel here.

Lyrid meteor shower to light up the KC skies this weekend

The Lyrid meteor shower will be coming to skies near you from April 16th – 30th. The peak is expect on the nights of April 20th-22nd. During this time you may see surges of up to 100 meteors per hour. The new moon will make for even more viewing opportunities.

The meteors are a product of the comet Thatcher. Thatcher takes 400 years to make a trip around the sun. The meteors may appear as fireballs as opposed to streaks so keep an eye out for bright flashes. The shower is best viewed in the Northern Hemisphere so we’re in luck.

Weather permitting this is a great opportunity to take the family camping in the backyard and get outside for a night. Grab some fixins for s’mores, lay back and relax. Enjoy the show.

Take the kids on this local KC field trip for a nice afternoon

49er’s fans still salty after Super Bowl LIV loss

How long does it take to get over your team losing the Super Bowl? For some it may take a few days. For others it seems as though it’s just to much to bear. It’s been over 3 weeks now and these 49er’s fans are still out here just salty as hell.

Read some of the reactions from Chiefs fans. The lesson here is that you can’t win them all and you don’t mess with Chiefs Kingdom! Go Chiefs!

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Orlando Scandrick just can’t catch a break

Remember the terror that would pulse through Chiefs Kingdom when the ball was thrown towards Orlando Scandrick? It’s easy to get over now that KC has a Super Bowl win under our belt but apparently some fans just won’t let things go. One fan took to Twitter today to have some fun at his expense and it’s turned into a roast fest on Orlando. Poor guy lol

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