NFL commentator advocates late hits to stop Mahomes

(Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

In what amounts to possibly the most idiotic sports take we’ll hear this week, Pro Football Talk host Mike Florio has essentially said that to stop Mahomes the San Francisco 49ers should risk late hits and penalties. He tried his best to explain that he wasn’t calling for any injuries to Mahomes but his take below says otherwise.

Let this guy know that Chiefs fans won’t put up with his garbage takes. You can find his twitter account here. You can send him a nice email here

Popular photo op locations get extended for Chiefs fans

By now you’ve seen the signs all over social media throughout this Super Bowl run. If you’re anything like me you’ve probably said to yourself… “I need to get down to Union Station and grab some pics with the kids before they take those signs down.”

Well you’re in luck KC! The KC hearts Mahomes sign in Union Station was to be removed already but they have extended it through Friday night. They have also added another great photo op and have promised more to come.

The Chiefs Kingdom sign that was originally placed at Union Station and moved to Power and Light has been removed for now. After some intense detective work I have uncovered that the sign will be back to P&L next Wednesday and remain through the Super Bowl.