Silver linings during a quarantine in KC

It’s hard to find a silver lining in this time of crisis but surely not everything is doom and gloom. We did our best to compile a list of things we think are better due to all of the madness surrounding our city.

  • No dealing with the traffic in the Triangle.
  • Being forced to expand your horizons and try a different brand of toilet paper.
  • Unlimited binge watching opportunities. Can you imagine this happening 20 years ago?
  • More time with family. This one could make our list of worst things depending on your situation. Let’s hope not though.
  • No line at the DMV.
  • Not having to watch KU choke in the NCAA Tournament.
  • Not having to watch MU not make the NIT Tournament.

  • The Super Bowl was early enough to not mess with our Kansas City Chiefs road to victory.
  • Curbside pickup being offered from local restaurants. Let’s hope this stays a thing when all the dust settles.
  • Plenty of time to get all of those household chores done. There should not be a cluttered garage in all of Kansas City after this ordeal.
  • Charity giving is up all over the city. Kudos Kansas City!
  • No dealing with the panic of getting kids ready for school.

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