Pat Mahomes now has a behind-the-back no-look pass (Video)

We’ve all seen the insane ability that Pat Mahomes has when forced into a sticky situation on the field. His no look pass and left handed toss went viral last season.

Well he’s at it again and apparently Pat hasn’t missed a stride during the recent crisis. He’s moved it up a notch and added the no-look behind-the-back pass to his repertoire.

If seeing this doesn’t get a Chiefs fan excited on a off season Sunday morning I don’t know what will. Let’s hope he can pull this one off when J.J. Watt is barreling down on him this season. LET’S GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!

Chiefs Kingdom absolutely roasting Aikman’s old tweet after Mahomes gets SB win

Not so long ago, there was a tweet that mentioned the fact that Pat Mahomes had thrown 36% of Troy Aikman’s career touchdowns in 8% of the games. Troy got salty. Mahomes won the Super Bowl and the rest is history. I’m pretty sure this kind of stuff is why the internet was invented.

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