Popular Overland Park bar temporarily shuts down over COVID-19 concerns

Maloney’s Sports Bar & Grill – Overland Park, KS

Resident’s and visitors to Overland Park, KS are going to be missing out on the best patio in town for the foreseeable future. Maloney’s Sports Bar had to shut down on July 2nd when one of their employees tested positive for COVID-19.

They are currently testing all employees and sanitizing the restaurant from top to bottom. They are waiting for the test results and will evaluate the situation at that time in order to open back up in a safe manner.

This is the type of responsible action we need from all people and businesses if we’re going to get through this mess. Best of luck to the people over at Maloney’s. We hope to be watching baseball on your patio soon.

BOGO pizza slice from Buffalo State Pizza in Crossroads and OP

I stumbled upon a great way to get a BOGO slice deal from Buffalo State tonight while messing around on the interweb. By simply going to their Facebook page and sending a message you can get a voucher for the free slice.

When on a laptop it prompted me to send a message for the voucher. If you’re on a cellphone you may need to click on send message to prompt the offer.

The whole process was easy and took only a minute. Looks like I’m having some delicious pizza for lunch tomorrow.

Buffalo State Pizza website

Overland Park removes sections of fence from Santa Fe Commons

At long last the residents of Overland Park can take a stroll through Santa Fe Commons. The city has removed sections of the fence, allowing visitors to explore the park.

Before you start your walk be sure to grab a shake from The Snack Shack. The burgers are top notch as well.

The park is not officially open for use. If you plan to visit please follow all of the current COVID-19 regulations.

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SNEAK PEEK – Overland Park’s redesign of Santa Fe Commons (Gallery)

Thompson Park – Overland Park, KS

Santa Fe Commons has been redesigned and renamed. Thompson Park, as it is now called was an emotional ordeal for longtime OP residents who didn’t want to see the city staple change it’s look but the new park is looking pretty good.

The city did manage to keep some of the history of the area in the park. Overland Park founder William Strang placed his carriage house on the property in the early 1900s to house his carriages and cars, and serve as a residence for his driver. The house is still in the park.

The new design features some nice amenities. They have installed both a playground and a water play feature along with open air work spaces with wi-fi. They have also built several performance areas and two open-air shelters. The courtyard behind Strang Hall has also come a long way and is looking like a great place to hang out once we’re able.

There is no telling when the fences will come down and the public can enjoy this nice open space but when that time comes I’m sure it will be a great spot to visit.

Kids using sidewalk chalk to bring hope and laughter

Local kids all over the KC area are taking to the sidewalks to get our their creative energy and spread messages of hope and laughter. Some are downright hilarious. I will admit that until today I hadn’t been Rick Rolled in quite some time and I still have no idea what “Yeet” means.

The kids over at Martial Arts Institute – North in Overland Park drew the messages below. The Martial Arts Institute – North is also a state licensed day care facility and offers a great place for the kids to go. The owner came out today and mentioned from a safe distance that “the kids worked hard on those”. Good job kids!

The family below took the time to thank all of the First Resonders in the area. Good work by all the kids. Stay safe everyone.

Know of a great curbside special in KC that we should list? Let us know.