Grab a boozy snow cone and explore the W 39th St District

The other day I was jonesing for a boozy snow cone. I had seen some pictures of a new spot that opened up near some friends of mine and my love for snow cones and cocktails took over.

I had to get a bit creative and make a few calls but after talking with the good people at Miami Ice in the West 39th Street district I had my solution. They mentioned that while they don’t sell alcohol, the spot next door, Fric and Frac, has a great patio and bar I could use to fulfill my vision of boozy greatness.

After grabbing my snow cone I headed next door to add the shot of my choice. With my cone in hand I enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the district. It was a bit extra but well worth the effort and it helped support 2 local businesses. Definitely a win win win.