Lyrid meteor shower to light up the KC skies this weekend

The Lyrid meteor shower will be coming to skies near you from April 16th – 30th. The peak is expect on the nights of April 20th-22nd. During this time you may see surges of up to 100 meteors per hour. The new moon will make for even more viewing opportunities.

The meteors are a product of the comet Thatcher. Thatcher takes 400 years to make a trip around the sun. The meteors may appear as fireballs as opposed to streaks so keep an eye out for bright flashes. The shower is best viewed in the Northern Hemisphere so we’re in luck.

Weather permitting this is a great opportunity to take the family camping in the backyard and get outside for a night. Grab some fixins for s’mores, lay back and relax. Enjoy the show.

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