Johnson County is opening up. How did the restaurants fare today?

Johnson county entered phase one of it’s reopening plan today. With that in mind, we thought we could call around to sample how the restaurants offering dine-in service had done.

We sampled a variety of restaurants all around Johnson county. All of whom said they are wearing masks and following the standards placed in front of them regarding seating and occupancy.

As expected, most of the restaurants we called reported a very small turn out for lunch. From Maloneys in OP to The Other Place in Olathe and everything in between the results were the same.

While the curbside business seems to be holding steady, most are hoping for a better showing this evening for happy hour and dinner.

They did mention that not many of the customers were wearing masks. Makes sense if you’re trying to stuff down a cheeseburger.

We sampled a random list of 20 restaurants.

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