A blue moon on Halloween sums up 2020 perfectly

Most of us are aware that this Halloween will feature a full moon. This moon is called the blue moon and there are several theories as to why. One theory for the name blue moon is that centuries ago people believed the fourth full moon of a season to be bad luck and therefore called it blue, which would sum up 2020 pretty good. Typically a season has 3 full moons and we know darn well that 2020 has been nothing but bad luck!

The modern theory as to whey we call it a blue moon holds that it is simply a name given to the second full moon during a single month. Typically each season has 3 full moons, one a month. A blue moon is essentially just an extra full moon during a season.

A full moon on Halloween has not happened in the U.S. since 1944 and we won’t see one again until 2039 or later due to the irregularities of our calendar and other cyclic factors. Enjoy the blue moon and let’s all have a Happy Halloween regardless of 2020!