Paul Rudd is freezing to help Dustin Colquitt win NFL award

We all know Dustin Colquitt and what he does for the Chiefs on the field. But have you ever heard of the work he does off the field? Dustin works with the organization Team Smile. And it’s that work that has him as the Chief’s nominee for the most prestigious award the NFL can give. The Walter Payton Man of the Year award.

The following is from the NFL’s bio of Dustin and his charity efforts: “In 2019 alone, Colquitt’s efforts at TeamSmile are projected to result in 8,500 underserved children receiving $3.8M in free dental and preventative care. Those figures will surpass last season’s high-water marks when TeamSmile conducted more clinic programs (29), served a greater number of children (5,432), and provided more complementary oral-health services ($2M) than ever before.”

I just tweeted for Dustin. Get on it KC! The deadline is Sunday. Go Chiefs!!