91st Plaza Lighting ceremony to be broadcast-only this year

Country Club Plaza Lights – Eric Bowers Photo Blog

A report from KMBC 9 News confirms that the long standing Thanksgiving tradition will continue this year but as a broadcast only event on KMBC 9. The hour long production will begin at 6 pm on Thanksgiving night.

No word yet on who will be the honorary light flipper. Plaza restaurants may be open but the shops will be closed and no large crowds will be allowed to gather. More updates are to be released as the date draws nearer.

Dividing Lines: A History of Segregation in Kansas City

47th Street at Wornall Road – Kansas City, MO

A few years back the Johnson County Library created a self guided driving tour of Kansas City. The tour focused on the history of segregation in the Kansas City area from a real estate perspective.

Using interviews and stories from notable city figures the tour explains the use of real estate in Kansas City to keep the city segregated. The tour begins in Prairie Village and winds it’s way through some of Kansas City’s most historic neighborhoods.

In total the tour should take you about 90 minutes. The tour is free and can be found using the link provided below.

Dividing Lines: A History of Segregation in Kansas City