These swimming holes in MO are perfect for a weekend trip

Castor Shut-Ins – Fredericktown, MO

With a majority of the area pools closed and travel somewhat limited this summer, these lesser known swimming holes in southern Missouri may be just what the doctor ordered. At only 5 hours from KC they are perfect for a weekend trip.

Southeast Missouri is filled with some great spots to cool off during these hot summer months. While most are jam packed with people and some even charging admission, these two are the go-to if you want to avoid the crowds.

Castor River Shut-Ins is the furthest from KC but it’s free and is usually less crowded than some of the other spots. Word has it if you get there early (10:00) you may just have it to yourself for several hours. There is camping nearby.

Rocky Falls Shut-Ins is a bit closer than the Castor River and is just as beautiful. The highlight is a gorgeous cascading waterfall that drops into a pool of clear water that is perfect for swimming. This location also has ample camping available nearby.

As always, please do your homework and check on any restrictions they may have in place due to the pandemic.