A fans guide to Sundays without Chiefs football

The past few weeks have been some of the craziest times I can remember in Kansas City. The Chiefs finally brought home the Super Bowl and the playoff run was absolute insanity. So what is a Chiefs fan to do on a Sunday now that football is over? We have compiled a list below to help get you through the off season.

  • Watch the newly formed XFL and place a wager on how long until it folds. 
  • Start meditating in an effort to gain total bladder control so you can watch the whole rally next year. 
  • Take up parkour so you can manage to not fall out of a tree at the parade next year. 
  • Get a second job to make sure you can afford the ticket prices at Arrowhead next season. 
  • Make memes that troll our AFC West foes and other NFL teams. 
  • Start going to church and pray for the same result next season.
  • Reconnect with your non football friends and ask them why they are so lame.
  • On the Kansas side you rest up for a crazy March.
  • Realize that Spring Training starts next week and not all is lost.

Feel free to add anything we’ve missed or what you plan to do in the comments.

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