Video of a fan booing during unity moment is straight out of South Park

I wish I was making this up. Below is a video that a Chiefs fan proudly tweeted of himself booing during the unity moment. It reminded me of a South Park episode I saw a while back. Both videos are available below. Do you see any similarities?

The South Park video below is what came to mind when I watched the guy above make all of Kansas City look like assholes. Thanks for nothing guy!

Did Chiefs fans boo the Moment of Unity? (Fan video vs. Live broadcast)

Chiefs and Texans show a sign of unity before the September 10th NFL opener at Arrowhead

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of the events at last nights home opener. Chiefs fans are being shamed across the country for what seemed like booing the Moment of Unity before kickoff. The fans claim they didn’t do it but either way, Kansas City needs to do better.

Fans in attendance have provided video which they say clearly shows that they were not in fact booing the moment of unity but were booing the Texans. You can watch both the fan and live broadcast videos below to decide.

This first video is what the people at home saw on their televisions. You can clearly hear what appears to be booing the moment of unity. If this is the case, I’d be fine with not allowing the guilty parties back into Arrowhead.

The second video is from a fan that attended the game. Fans in attendance have vehemently denied any booing for the moment of unity and insist that they were booing the Texans.

After everything we’ve been through this year and with the current environment of change we are experiencing, lets hope that our next showing will be better. Unity is exactly what is needed.

15 and The Mahomies funds destination play site in KC

Kansas City Parks and Recreation announced today that they have teamed up with 15 and the Mahomies to fund a new destination playground in Kansas City. The playground will be located at MLK, Jr. Square Park.

Patrick Mahomes has this to say about the project, “The 15 and the Mahomies Foundation is pumped to build a playground where KC kids can play and be active in their neighborhood. We hope that this project brings this community together in a positive and engaging way for years to come.”

Learn more on the park at the Kansas City Parks and Recreation website.

Taco Republic is opening a Prairie Village location

The old Arby’s in Corinth Square is going to have a new tenant. Popular KCK taco joint, Taco Republic, is taking over the space.

Much like the original Taco Republic at Mission and County Line Rd in KCK, the new location will offer delicious tacos and feature a great patio with outdoor games. No word on the open date just yet.