Arrowhead growing grass in December (pics)

Want to keep that yard lush and green this winter? Travis Hogan, the Head Groundskeeper for the Chiefs, has got you covered. His recent tweet will show you just what you’ll need.

Chiefs players roast each other on Twitter using old photos

It looks like the Kansas City Chiefs are in good spirits after their win in Miami on Sunday. Several of the players have taken to Twitter and changed their profile pics to old photos of their teammates. The results have been hilarious and managed to uncover a few photos that I’m sure some would rather be forgotten.

New tool shows you your place in line for the vaccine

The estimate you receive will tell you where you stand in line for the vaccine in your county, state and the country as a whole. I’m currently 267 millionth in line.

You will be asked to give some very basic information such as age and health condition. No identifiable information is given. You can find the vaccine tool here.