Facebook pages spring up to assist with quarantine boredom

Go outside and Howl at the moon @ 8:00

With most of the country holed up in quarantine and practicing social distancing, there has been a surge of Facebook pages popping up looking to distract you from the boredom. Some are quite hilarious and others quite helpful. We’ve listed some of our favorites below.

Quarantine Karaoke: This one is right up my alley. This page was started in late March by a man out of Maine. To date is has raked up over 400,000 followers. It’s just like the name says. If you’ve got some skills or just love to sing it’s worth checking out. Who knows, maybe you’ll make it big. Facebook Link

Go outside and Howl at 8pm: This one is a bit out there but funny none the less. Basically you just go outside and howl at the moon at 8pm. It was started in Colorado just days ago and has surpassed 180,000 followers. I did it tonight and my neighbors seemed a bit concerned. Facebook Link

Quarantine Beer Chugs: This one was started right here in the KC area by some Liberty locals. The group has over 300,000 followers and is growing rapidly. Like the name says, it’s a bunch of people chugging beers and toasting one another. It actually get’s pretty wild in there so if you check it out you’ve been warned.

Crap I Cooked in Quarantine: Having just reached 13,000 followers this one is growing a bit slower than the others in our list but it seems to be a good resource to find different things to cook. It was started by a couple out of Michigan. Facebook Link

If we missed any that you are in let us know in the comments. Happy Quarantining.