This DIY Slip & Slide is simple and inexpensive

DIY Slip and Slide

I was looking for an inflatable pool or backyard water games. I could have ordered something from Amazon but this idea was as easy as they come and cost under $30.

Head to your local Home Depot or Lowe’s and go to the rear of the paint section. There you’ll find some plastic sheeting (pics below). Be sure to get the 6 mil plastic for durability reasons.

They have several lengths to choose from depending on your space limits. Pick up some Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo to help with the slide and thats it!

Find a decent incline in the yard and unroll the sheet of plastic. Coat the plastic with water and then pour on some of the shampoo. Be sure to use the baby shampoo to keep the kids eyes from getting irritated. Have fun!