KC celebrities on Cameo makes a great gift

KC Celebrities on Cameo

Are you familiar with the app Cameo? It’s a great concept that allows celebrities to make and send personalized videos to fans. It turns out that there are plenty of KC celebrities on the Cameo app to choose from.

Do you know Bo? If you don’t, a video from him on Cameo will run you a cool $400. You could also go the cheap route and get one from super fan extraordinaire X-Factor for $15. Check in on all of the available KC celebrities on the Cameo website located here.

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The Chiefs-Cowboys game has a traveling trophy on the line

When the Chiefs and Cowboys take the field this weekend at Arrowhead stadium they’ll be playing for a trophy. It’s not the Super Bowl trophy but it does have a special place in Chiefs history. The Preston Road Trophy was made by Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt in 1998.

Lamar Hunt and Jerry Jones (Cowboys owner) lived across the street from each other on Preston Road, hence the name of the trophy. The winner of each matchup keeps the trophy until the next game is played. The Chiefs won the first Preston Road Trophy back in 1998 with a victory over the Cowboys at Arrowhead Stadium.

Currently the trophy resides with Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. The Chiefs will be bringing it back to Arrowhead where it belongs this weekend. Lets Go Chiefs!!!

A Look inside the Hunt Family suite at Arrowhead

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Longest partial lunar eclipse in 580 years is this week

Lunar Eclipse in Kansas City

Novembers full moon, known as the Beaver Moon will be visible this week and will bring with it a near total lunar eclipse in Kansas City. For the Kansas City area the eclipse will peak around 3:02 a.m. CST on Friday, Nov. 19.

The full Beaver Moon will turn a reddish color as the earths shadow covers it late Friday night. You can learn more about the eclipse at Space.com.

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